Rools Of Dream league Soccer

List of dream league soccer rools Well if you can handle more football following the world cup we’re back for year number 11 online. This league is essentially made up of people I work with, used to work with, mates of the aforementioned and one random bloke who signed up once who I didn’t have the heart to boot out.

dream league soccer

If you need a reminder of the rules (and the scoring has changed slightly), just click on the link to the left.

For those old hands, click here to sign up for the new season

Recall that for your £20 you get to manage a team for the season, the chance to win monthly manager of the month prizes and a small prize for overall manager of the season. You will be able to make 30 substitutions throughout the season and these will not count until the season begins.

Notes to new users
This is a fantasy football game based on the results of the Premier League in England. The league is private and run for a small group of individuals in a not for profit manner. We do not intend to compete with commercial fantasy football sites. You may enter this league if you have been invited by a current fantasy football member.

Rools of Foot ball

1 Teams will consist of 11 players, 1 x Goalkeeper, 4 x Defender, 3 x Midfielder, 3 x Striker.
2 The total value of the team may not exceed £50million.
3 From the time you enter a team (or from start of season, whichever soonest), you will have 3 weeks to pay the required submission fee. After that time you will be locked out of the web site.
4 The scoring week is Tuesday to Monday. You must therefore make any substitutions for the forthcomings weeks matches on the Monday. Otherwise they will not take effect until the following Tuesday.
5 You will be allowed to make a maximum of 30 substitutions throughout the season, subs made before the beginnign of the season do not count. You can make these whenever you like but you should take note of the above point.
6 Prizes shall be payed out monthy for the best scoring manager for that month only. Hence it is possible to join part way through the season and still win a prize, you’ll just be at a disadvantage for the overall prize. The overall prize will be payed to the highest overall scoring manager for the season.
7 The season will consist of 39 weeks, during which 9 monthly prizes will be payed out. A month shall be defined as a 4 week period. There will also be a (small) overall prize.
8 The scores will be updated every Wednesday lunchtime.
9 Scoring System is as follows:
All Players
Appearance (full match) +2
Appearance (part match) +1
Daily Telegraph Man of the Match +5
Goal Scored +5
Key Contribution to a goal +3
Sent Off -5
Booked -2
Own Goal -3
Missed Penalty -5
Clean Sheet (full match) +4
Clean Sheet (part match) +2
Penalty Save +5
Goal Conceded -1

Dream League is back and we’ve changed

New season and time for a revamp of the old site. It’s been over 2 years since it was last updated and some things just had to go. We are now in our third incarnation.

Anyone who has been playing since the original version of 1998/1999 on a hitherto small scottish investment bank intranet I salute you. We first ported to the web in 1999, out of necessity more than anything else.

Don’t panic, if you started playing at the beginning of the season all your details are safe, only the presentation and functionality have changed. We hope you like the new design and features.

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